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Clients and Methods

         My Mission is to         educate and inspire       
entrepreneurs, executives, and investors to

the ultimate growth strategy.
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What makes me different?

  • I focus on building Thought Leadership over building a firm.

  • No one has written more about Category Creation in the Harvard Business Review than I have.

  • I am selective and particular, choosing clients who are Category Creators, such as Keurig, iRobot, and InBrace.

  • You receive only Senior Partner time and attention.  I personally accept and personally work on 1-2 projects at a time; there is no bait and switch.

  • I build bespoke consumer fact bases.  In order to create a unique POV, I craft, append, and bridge atypical data sets.


Helping Category Queens Create New Categories

Helping Fortune 500 Market Leaders Grow

What I Do

  • I started my career helping the Fortune 500 solve growth problems.

  • I now help VC/PE-backed, high growth companies create and design new categories.

  • I author books and articles, give speeches, appear on TV, speak on podcasts, and conduct research about Superconsumers and Category Creation.

  • I co-founded Category Pirates, a Top 5 Substack Newsletter.  As one of my co-founders likes to call it, "It's like Harvard Business Review but for Pirates."

  • I am a sponsor of an upcoming SPAC.

  • In total, I have helped companies realize $10 billion in annual, incremental revenue, and even more in market capitalization.

  • My mission is to help the most number of people realize the future by building billion dollar treasure maps.

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How I Partner

I help CEOs, Investors, and Entrepreneurs to answer the following questions:

  • How "high" is high for my new category?

  • Who is the most valuable consumer who can see the future?

  • How can I simplify and accelerate my growth?

  • What kind of offer, business model innovation, and M&A can amplify my valuation?

  • How do I tell investors my story to receive the full multiple we are worth?